Marcy Whitebook on Early Childhood in the U.S

“Children who attend higher-quality child care programs with lower staff turnover have been found to be more competent in their language and social development”   (Whitebook, Howes, and Phillips 1990)

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My family meant the world to me! My parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles were always there for me. In my family there was never a moment of boredom because there was always someone to play with as well as squabble with at any given moment. With four siblings and dozens of cousins I always knew that I had a friend. Because I had parents and aunts and uncles that valued the closeness of family and creating strong bonds within a family I am still very close to everyone in my family no matter how far apart we live. Having younger siblings taught me to care for someone else and to be dependable.

Me and my Aunt and Cousin

My family showed their love by making sure that everyone always had a place at every gathering. There were always family get togethers so that all of the children could play together and all of the adults could spend time with one another.

We were taught the value of education and church. Our parents read to us and shared their interest with us.

My mother made sure that all of her children learned to appreciate books and literature. While my father made sure that we all knew the importance of staying active and living healthy lifestyles.

My aunt showed me how to explore the world and enjoy life at all times.

My Grandmothers taught me to always stay true to myself.

My Cousins were my best friends and always listened even when they did not want to. My BEST friend that I met when I was 10 years old and still is my best friend to this day taught me how to come out of my shell and not so extremely shy all of the time.

All of these people and more made me feel loved and special all of the time no matter what.

Me and two of my younger siblings.

My Favorite Bedtime Story as a Child

I loved this story because it encouraged me to try new things even when I was afraid to (which I always was) and my mother would read it to me more than three times in a row each night. I often think about this and the fact that many children do not have parents or caregivers that care enough to read to them or that don’t know the importance of reading to them. Reading with my mother not only made me feel loved but it taught me to love reading and find a deeper meaning in everything that I read. It is one of the responsibilities of Early Childhood Professionals to make sure that our children are read to and feel cared for each day so that they can develop a love of books and knowledge and most important so that they feel encouraged.